4 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine Troubleshooting Methods

4 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine Troubleshooting Methods



What can we do when we encounter malfunction operating the CNC pipe cutting machine? Today I will share 4 methods to troubleshoot the malfunction.


1.  Functional Program Testing Method

The so-called functional program testing method is to program a function program test paper tape by manual or automatic programming of the frequently used functions and special functions numerical control systems, such as linear positioning, circular interpolation, thread cutting canned cycle, and custom macro. Then send to the CNC system by the paper tape reader, and start the CNC system to make it run, in order to check the accuracy and reliability of the machine performing these functions, thus identify the likely cause of failure.


2. Exchange Method

This is a simple method and the most commonly used method to judge on site. After analyzing the generally cause the fault, maintenance personnel can use the spare printed circuit boards, templates, integrated circuit chip or component to replace questionable portion, thereby narrow the fault to a printed circuit board or chip. It actually verifies the correctness of the analysis.


3. Intuitive Method

This is a basic method. Maintenance personnel often can narrow the fault to a module or a printed circuit board by observing a variety of light, sound, smell and other anomalies when the failure occurred, and carefully examine the system. This requires the maintenance staff has a wealth of practical experience and wide knowledge, the ability of comprehensive judgment of disciplines.


4. Self-diagnostic Function Method

Modern CNC system has yet to achieve a high degree of intelligence, but it already has a strong self-diagnostic function. It can always monitor the working conditions of numerical control system hardware and software. Once unusual, it will immediately give the warning messages on the CRT or instruct the approximate cause of the interruption by light-emitting diodes. Self-diagnosis function can also display the status of the interface signals between the host systems and thereby determine whether the approximate location of fault is in the mechanical part of the system or CNC parts, and instruct failed. This is the most effective method for the current maintenance service.




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