5 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine Basics Every Beginner Should Know

5 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine Basics Every Beginner Should Know




Here are 5 CNC pipe cutting machine basics every beginner should know:


1. Knowing How toProgramA Sequence of Machining Operations

Let’s start with this obvious one, which is one of the biggest advantages of CNC Pipe Cutting Machines: programming sequences so pipes can be quickly and efficiently cut. It gets a little tricky though because every CNC pipe cutting machine’s different. So, the real trick may be getting acclimated with the particular machine you’re about to work on.

The basic process for understanding a new CNC pipe cutting machine is to:

  • Learn the most basic components
  • Get comfortable with the various axes
  • Understand any accessories
  • Know how the programming works


2. Incremental Versus Absolute Programming, And When to Use Them

These are the two types of programming modes for CNC pipe cutting machines. Neither is overtly right or wrong. Most controls on CNC machines can do both.

The difference between the two Incremental programs is using their source location as the preceding point. With absolute programs, the source location is always the same fixed, original point.


3. Have a Decent Vise

Yes, vises cost some money. But, they’re well worth it. A good one lasts for years. And with CNC pipe cutting machining, there’s nothing more valuable than holding what you’re currently working on in precisely the same place.


4. Use a Misting Setup if You Don’t Have Flood Coolant

Yes, a misting setup costs some money too. But it’s well worth it for the problems it prevents. Not all CNC pipe cutting machines have flood coolant. You can get a decent misting setup relatively inexpensively if you’re willing to search hard enough.


5. Be Paranoid about Chip Removal

At the very least, chips cause additional wears on your cutters. You’ll have to replace them sooner than you should. At the very worst, you break your cutter. And that can lead to an inaccurate cut, or pieces you need to cut again.

As you cut, watch for any chip buildup. Adjust your mister’s nozzle until you know exactly how to position it correctly without further adjustments.


If you follow those tips, you’ll be well on your way to making quick and accurate cuts without experiencing many of the problems other beginning CNC machinists run into.






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