8 Safely Using Principles for CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

8 Safely Using Principles for CNC Pipe Cutting Machine


The followings are 8 safely using principles for CNC pipe cutting machine

 1. Spindle speed must be carried out after parking. When it is shifting, gears should be fully engaged. Once an error of the machine is found, parking and checking should be taken up immediately.


2. Adjust tools to tightly clamp the pipe needed to be cut the before cutting. The length of the clamping portion must more than 50 mm. Parking bezel must be fixed, clamping, release, forward, backward and other test need to be test before work.


3. When machine is rolling, any part of the body must not touch transmission parts. When operating, you should tie the cuffs, and works with gloves are prohibited. Head should deviate from the cutting direction.


4. When exchanging tools, measuring the workpiece, lubrication, cleaning the tube head, you must park first.


5. When cutting the ferrule, you must be ware of the ferrule flying out and hurting someone.


6. When setting the long tube into the rack and releasing the bundling lead wire, you should be careful of the moving, impacting, crushing of the tube.


7. Dust removal device should be intact before cutting.


8. People should not stand in the in-and-out direction of workpiece.


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