ARCBRO Tube-Master

Heavy Duty Pipe Cutting Machine — Tube-Master


 High precision, More stability !

The new ARCBRO Tube-Master is a 4-axis(with auto beveling), or 2-axis. having an outside diameter of more than 800mm(32-inches), max 1800mm diameter. A length of up to 3000mm(10-feet), extendable. length custom, as long as you wish. Featuring a smart design that is the standard for Tube- Master machines and powered by CNC controller, ARCBRO’s exclusive Windows®-based operating system with library, the TSP improves pipe     fabrication productivity and quality by consolidating set-up, programming and cutting into one operation.

Through USB Port ! Input and output the NC program simply 

Once the pipe is loaded, programming consists of simply inputting pipe dimensional data and selecting the types of cuts from ARCBRO’s cut library. The menu- driven operating system is easy to use and doesn’t require highly skilled operators. ARCBRO’s controller is also available USB key for use on any computer and is compatible with many CAD/CAM packages with the cutting software converter.

ARCBRO supply for the Tube-Master with world-class service and support.
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ARCBRO Tube-Master Feature :

  • Heavy duty–great choice.
  • Easy operation ensures fast
  • Turning roll and conveyor design evenly supports and centers pipe under cutting torches
  • One person performs all cutting and handling operations
  • Safe, efficient material handling uses variable speed
  • High precision and more stability
  • Auto Beveling, cutting any pipes.
  • Programming and flame/Plasma cutting both.
  • Easy to use programming software – no special skills required.
  • Large pre-loaded cut library

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