ARCBRO will take part in the BLECH INDIA 2013

India International sheet metal processing exhibition (BLECH INDIA) is one of the four major exhibition of the world’s most famous metal plate processing Exhibition (EURO-BLECH HANNOVER, BLECH INDIA, BLECH RUSSIA, BLECH POLSKA). BLECH INDIA carried out every two years, more than 400 brands from 18 countries participating in 2011, the four-day event attracted nearly 20,000 visitors. Through this exhibition, Chinese exhibits were enthusiastic pursuit of further deepen the cooperation and friendship between Chinese manufacturers and foreign, get a lot of orders at the same time, to show the great potential of the Chinese products in India, made a very good participation effect.

In recent years, the rapid development of automobile manufacturing, household appliances, air conditioning and other industries in India, so that the sheet metal processing and manufacturing to become a rapid growth in the Indian economy, one of the basic industries; limited due to India’s domestic supply of sheet metal processing machinery and equipment, India has become the world’s largest import market in high-quality machine tools and other related equipment.
1) passenger car sales in India in December 2009 increased by 40%, commercial vehicles, an increase of 172% over the same period;
2) Many international car manufacturers are planning in India through the localization of accessories to further expand the scale of production;
3) The famous Indian brand Mahindra is planning to establish a design center, including the depot to produce 400,000 vehicles in India;
4) Indian Steel Ministry of assessment 2020, India’s steel-related products will be five times, about 300 million tons;
5) high-quality machine tools from Europe, the United States, Japan, India continues to have a market potential in the Indian market due to price reasons, China’s machine tool will be more popular;
6) Mumbai is the main sheet metal processing equipment importer in India, is the most potential market centers, the proportion of foreign investment companies in Mumbai has more than 25%.

ARCBRO, in Mumbai, India, to participate BLECH INDIA 2013, carried out in April 2013, 17-20, booth number D210, welcome to visit booth. Also I wish ARCBRO the India trip a great success! !

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