CNC Pipe Cutting Machine Operation Specifications

CNC Pipe Cutting Machine Operation Specifications



At the time the high technology High-tech brings efficiency, the requirement for the operator is obviously raised. When we operate a CNC pipe cutting machine, we must focus in it, be of two minds is forbidden. Thus, it can be a safe and effective operation. So today I will summarize the Operation Specifications of CNC Pipe Cutting Machine for the operators.

  1. Before you turn on the machine, you must check
  2. whether the wire is broken
  3. whether the socket has some water on it
  4. whether the saw is good and complete, need to be change or not

Operation must start after all the items have passed the examination.


  1. Change the positioning pin and guide sleeve according to the standard specification for high pressure hose


  1. Switch on and start the machine


  1. Put the high pressure hose into the guide sleeve, use the knife handle to drive the hose into the saw blade, then the hose has been cut off. When the sliding plate reset, two tension springs will help.


  1. Get the internal hole of the cut-off hose insert into the positioning pin, and cut a 1mm seam on the place prepare to skive during the time the saw rotating. This step will bring a very good effect.


  1. Last and most important, do remember to power off the machine.


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