CNC Plasma Flame cutting system troubleshooting methods

CNC Plasma Flame cutting system has the advantages of less cutting part distortion, low noise, good cutting quality, fast cutting speed, and low operating cost, especially suitable for large-scale steel parts cutting operations.
Encountered in routine maintenance troubleshooting methods:

Ⅰ. Plasma power cannot open properly, shows fault as: lack of coolant flow is not enough.

After examination tested, we found that the cooling pump electrical machinery and cooling pump couplings is damaged, resulting in the cooling water pumps to supply the coolant flow is insufficient. After repair and replacement of new coupling, the power is still not open; the fault is still displayed as coolant flow is insufficient. After further examination, the internal cooling pump valves badly worn, cannot play an effective sealing function, and drain the coolant from the inside, caused by lack of coolant flow and pressure resulting power cannot open properly. After replacement of the coolant pump, the power indicator on the control panel to normal, malfunction eliminated.

Ⅱ. After CNC plasma arc cutting torch in perforation, extinction and stop cutting immediately.

After examination revealed the switch on machine operator panel improper delay switch setting position. Fault analysis and troubleshooting for the specific failure are described. Because the cutting steel plate is thin, in accordance with the procedures required cutting, cutting perforation 0.5 delay switches should be set at the position, after re-set the delay time after perforation troubleshooting the machine back to normal.

Ⅲ. CNC plasma cutting machine work piece size and nesting work piece size in chart clearly incompatible, and incision of poor quality, nesting on the map there is the line segment; also the cutting of the work piece is shown as curves with no law.

After examination revealed that the x-axis and y-axis of the drive gear from the use of long years of serious wear and tear, so that the gear meshing with the rack rail gap is too large and cause the drive system bias in the process of cutting the work piece. After replacement of the drive gear, the machine troubleshoots. According to the actual running time of the machine periodically check these wearing parts, if excessive wear must be replaced, in order to ensure that the machine cutting precision to meet the requirements.

Ⅳ. The cutting machine with high frequency, but does not arc.

Since the plasma arc is controlled by a high-frequency oscillating circuit if the torch arc generated between the electrode and the nozzle. Between the electrode and the nozzle has a small gap. Our examination revealed a high frequency high frequency circuits has arisen and has not transferred plasma arc. Judging is likely to be a problem with the torch. However from the appearance of the torch smooth as new. After measuring, found in torch the electrode, the nozzle short, the threads on the electrode is damaged. After the replacement of the electrode, the fault still exists. After further examination is due to the torch threaded teeth damage, resulting electrode cannot be pass on the torch thread tightened in place, so that the inner electrode and the torch nozzle is contact with each other causing a short circuit, after the replacement of the normal of the normal arc torch.

Ⅴ. Cutting machine is easy to damage expendable electrode, and nozzle serious consumption.

Electrodes, nozzles are CNC plasma cutting machine consumed daily operations largest consumable parts, and the price is expensive, especially imported electrodes, nozzles, so effectively extend electrode life will be greatly reduced nozzle CNC plasma cutting machine for processing production costs. Moreover the consumption of electrode and nozzle have concerning with pressure, cooling water pressure, voltage, current, gas quality, consumable parts and other factors. We must pay attention to some exception because of mechanical failure resulting in consumption. For example, we have encountered the phenomenon that set of electrodes, nozzles burned frequently while the moment that the arc cutting machine begins, some in the arc moments, and some after cutting about a half to an hour, which consumption is not normal. The inspection found that arcing between the electrode and the nozzle sinter the edge of the electrode and the nozzle. For this, we use different types of electrode and nozzle replacement torch, and constantly adjust the air pressure water pressure and other measures, found that the effect, although some changes, but not significant, and sometimes inexplicably returned to normal. After repeated examination, found accidentally breathe the cutting process is causing this trouble. The investigation found that progressively segmented with in the console is an electric solenoid valve power loss caused breathes. As the torch on the bed constantly moving the cutting torch control cable by pulling the torch trolley back and forth, causing occasional poor contact, causing the solenoid valve energized. As breathe very short time, until you re-measurement is good, it is in this very short period of time so that the electrode nozzle breath burned. After the cable after re-repair, fault elimination.
CNC Plasma cutting machine routine maintenance is very important, in strict accordance with maintenance manuals for maintenance, can greatly reduce the failure rate of the machine, while cutting maintenance work is a more complex task, involving many other multi-level issues.


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