Do These 18 Things to Perfectly Maintain the CNC Pipe Cutting Machine?

Do These 18 Things to Perfectly Maintain the CNC Pipe Cutting Machine?




Maintenance is the key point to keep a machine run well. So today I will share you 18 points to maintain you CNC pipe cutting machine well.

First, Routine Maintenance:

  1. If you need to leave the CNC pipe cutting machine for a long time, you must turn off the power in case of non-professional person operation.
  2. When the operation is completed, you should use the running water to wash the working chamber and the rock slag on the surface of the workbench and then wipe dry.
  3. After all the work is finished, you need to move forward the blade about 10 cm, and reset the stroke switch rocker arm.
  4. If you will not use the CNC pipe cutting machine within a certain period of time, you should coat the blade, the jig moving parts and the parts easy to rust inside the machine with a layer of lithium
  5. The machine tools and rails must be cleaned every working day, turn off gas and power and empty the residual gas in the tubes of the machine before you leave work.
  6. Observe the horizontal and longitudinal rails and rack surface with or without oil, so as to keep it well-oiled!
  7. Clean the splotch on the carriage, rails and guide rails screw, and timely fill with oil.

Second, Weekly Maintenance:

  1. You should comprehensively clean the machine, the horizontal and longitudinal rails, the rack and pinion of the driving, and add oil every week.
  2. Check the performance of the horizontal and longitudinal rail cleaning device, if it doesn’t work well, replace it.
  3. Check whether the torches are loose, clean up garbage of the ignition muzzle to maintain it normally ignite.
  4. If there is the automatic heightadjustingdevice, check whether it’s sensitive, whether you need to replace the probe.
  5. Check whether the plasma cutting tip and electrode are damaged, whether needed to replace.

Third. Monthly and Quarterly Maintenance:

  1. Check whether the air inlet has garbage, whether every valve and gauges work properly.
  2. Check whether all the pipe joints are loose, all tubes with or without damage. Tighten or replace as necessary.
  3. Check whether all the transmission parts are loose, the conditions of gear meshing with the rack, if necessary, make the adjustments.
  4. Loosen the clamp device, driven pulley by hand to see whether it come and go freely, if abnormal, adjust or replace it timely.
  5. Check whether the clamp block, strip and guide wheel are loose, check the elastic strip situation and adjust if necessary.
  6. Check the performance of all the buttons and switches, replace the damaged one, and finally draw a comprehensive test pattern to test the accuracy of the CNC pipe cutting machine.


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