Environmental issue from the industry

Nowadays environmental issue became one of the greatest problems in the world. For our own goodness and health, we need to protect the environments. After industrial revolution pollution increase a lot, so the best way to improve environment is to start from industries.

Industries gave us a great improvement, but at the same time it became the worst environmental protector. So we need to improve our environment from the origin of pollution. There are several different kinds of filter to collect those smoke and dust during produce process to stop smog diffusion in the fresh air. Because industries are the greatest pollution producer there has control equipment, fans, extraction hoods and working table to collect dusts which can cause pollution also have benefit to those workers’ healthy and decrease the risk of fire. Control equipment can help save energy and automatic operation to decrease the cost of worker and risk. Working table includes a filter to collect smoke and more safety for workers to prevent sparks from reaching the filter cartridges. Investing for environment improvement is not an extra cost, but a great way for competitive future and good for health.

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