How to Choose a Suitable CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

How to Choose a Suitable CNC Pipe Cutting Machine




There are many kind of a CNC pipe cutting machine in the market. Choosing a good and suitable one is only related to the cost of the products, but also the working efficiency. So it’s the managers’ common goals to choose a good and suitable CNC pipe cutting machine.

Learnt from the practical experience of our customers, we have 3 suggestions for you to buy a pipe cutting machine:

  1. To choose the size of the machine according to the material, the shape (circular tube,square tube,bar or special shape) of the pipe to be cut , the size and thickness of the material and the cutting angle. Because cutting machines with different models can process different size of pipes. And different material of pipes needs different power to cut.
  2. To confirm that if there are special requirements for cutting. For example, the requirement on the length or the accuracy, the requirement on burr of cutting surface and so on.
  3. To know when we should get a CNC pipe cutting machine. If the cutting requirement and efficiencyare not high, cutting quantity is not big, there’s no need to purchase a CNC one. The CNC pipe cutting machine is armed at the high requirement and efficiency, big quantity cutting work.

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