Pay attention to these matters when using Cutting Machine

The device moved from one environment to another,don’t turn on the power supply immediately. It should be placed for a few hours to work again, in order to avoid burning circuit of the machine due to differences in humidity, temperature, etc.

Before use, must check the performance of the equipment carefully, to ensure that all parts in good conditions.
Before starting, check whether the power is connected, the switch button is flexible and reliable. Make sure the whole line is not naked. The power line must be safe and reliable, it is strictly prohibited to pull power cord at liberty, carefully put the power cord, it should not be cut off.

Check gas lines, valves are in good condition or leaking, if there is any air leakage phenomenon, it is forbidden to turn it on!

When working with cutting machine please concentrate on it, not only should keep a clear head, but also should be more rational. Don’t operate cutting machine when tired or drunk.
Try not to wear loose clothes when working, to avoid accident.

At run time if there is abnormal sound, stop operating immediately, find out the reason. Report to the relevant equipment maintenance personnel, call for maintenance. If necessary,Can also contact the machine factory,to get technical personnel guidance. It is strictly prohibited to remove or refit the machine internal structures without permission.

Maintenance of equipment on a regular basis, check all buttons and make sure they are flexible.
Clean the machine after use. Wipe the pinion and rack with cotton cloth, don’t put hands or fingers into the gear rack and gear, so as not to be cut.

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