Top 8 Advantages of CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

Top 8 Advantages of CNC Pipe Cutting Machine


CNC pipe cutting machine is a specialised pipe cutting machine, which is widely used in industrial fields. It has many advantages, among which the most important 8 advantages are:

1. Pipe cutting machine can be used to cut pipes with a variety of materials;
2. It is cut-fast, burr-free and the cut opening is perpendicular to the axis of the tube;
3. Stainless steel champs compose the wide range of diameter self-centering clamping system;
4. The cutting blade of the CNC pipe cutting machine is very close to the clamping system, which prevents pipe oscillations. Even if the machine cuts the thin-walled pipe or small diameter pipe, it can ensure that there is no deformation on the cut-off pipe;
5. The CNC pipe cutting machine is compact and easy to carry, very suitable for field device or working in the workshop;
6. Simple and quick settings;
7. Pneumatic or electric cutting motor available;
8. Adding an active electric revolution control system and a welding power, the CNC pipe cutting machine will get the function with full range of welding.

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