Why the CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is Better than the CNC Racer Cutting Machine?

Why the CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is Better than the CNC Racer Cutting Machine?

The CNC plasma cutting machine is able to cut all the metal sheets. The cutting speed can reach to 10m/min. The plasma cutting machine can also operate under the water so as to eliminate the noise, dust, harmful gases and light pollution generated during cutting, which is good for improving the working environment and environmental protection. As the development of the plasma cutting technology, the high-power plasma cutting thickness can up to 130mm. The cutting scope was widened obviously.
The CNC Racer Cutting Machine has fast speed and high accuracy on cutting. However, it is very expensive. Thus, the racer cutting machine is mostly used to cut sheets and other materials which need high cutting accuracy. To lower the cost, as well as have the similar effect of what the racer cutting machine done, there are enterprises develop the CNC precision plasma cutting machine whose cutting accuracy can reach to the lower limit of racer cutting, and the most thickness is up to 12mm. You don’t need to reprocess after cutting by this precision plasma cutting machine. And this kind of cutting machine can be used to cut medium and thin sheets. The thicker plates have the better performance.
In all, the CNC plasma cutting machine is cost-effective, especially in cutting 30mm Ordinary carbon steel material. It effectively improves 5%-10% utilization of materials, for applied in automatic programming software. If calculated by cutting 20 million tons steels per year, it can save 10-20 million tons by using this cutting machine. That’s the reason why the CNC plasma cutting is applied in those industrial countries. And this is the trend of cutting machine in the developing countries.
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